Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Configuring the Belkin n52 for Starcraft 2 (Part 2)

In this section, I will cover my Blue Shift mode, pictured below. The Shift is triggered via Directional Pad Up.

This mode basically allows me to assign buildings and units to groups. Note that for 1 through 4, the keys match the normal mode counterparts for the sake of consistency. I use 7,8,9, and 0 for Barracks, Factories, Starports, and Command Centers, respectively, though it probably does not matter what they are for the sake of this tutorial. I added a special button for Shift 0, as I will often need to add Command Centers to the Command Centers Group, while for the other buildings, a doubleclick is usually enough to get all the buildings of that type, and if not, holding down shift is usually sufficient.

Again, I left the Shift and Ctrl keys unassigned to avoid unintended consequences.

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